April 25, 2007

POEM IN YOUR POCKET DAY - Friday, April 27th

ASP Kids write poems, about spring, and other things...


LINDA D, Age 11

They are on the street
Every day of the week can’t read or write or fight they are probably on drugs and dress like thugs he
Is on his knees' begging me,
Please leave me some change
I won’t be filled with range
That’s the least you can do,
Or my life is through
I’m a helpless bum
And many call me dumb,
They punch me in my face
Then spray me with mace
I don’t want your keys,
Or your sneakers called the 3’s
Just help me please,
I don’t want to be labeled a POVERTY BUM,
Ill be called my name and have no game, I wont be a shame of the blame
That people say I do but THANK YOU

The Girl!!

KATHY P, Age 11

There once was a girl who went to the beach
then sat on a bottle of bleach
while eating a pieach.
One day
she went to preach
and started to screech!
Each of her students ran out to teach,
and tried to find a leach.


GABBY M, age 9

The sky sings a song on a sunny day at
the nice queen.
But she says she doesn't like it.

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